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Excitement ran high at the Community English Classes (CEC) on Monday evening. The CEC students were introduced to the Kindle Fire as part of a cooperative program between the Blanco Library and the Community English Classes made possible by a grant from the US Institute of Museum and Library Services and the Texas State Library and Archives Commission. The purpose of the cooperative grant is to provide alternative ways for the CEC students to improve their English language skills. Students were taught how to use the text-to-speech feature of the Kindle Fire. Dr. Jeff Holmes walked them through the process of opening a book, turning on the text-to-speech feature and listening to the text as they read it. Dr. Holmes described it as an ‘amazing experience’ seeing the enthusiasm throughout the room as the story unfolded before them. The Monday evening session was only the beginning for the CEC students. In the future there will be more work with the Kindle Fires as well as training on laptop computers. Program participants will be able to request additional content to be included on the Kindle Fires. After the training is completed program participants will be able to check out the Kindle Fires at the library. Once training on the Kindle Fires is complete, training on the Microsoft office suite and other applications will begin. CEC students will learn the basics of using Microsoft word, Excel and PowerPoint. Those who do not have an email account will be shown how to set up an individual account and how to use it. Besides the regularly scheduled CEC sessions, the library is in the process of hiring a bilingual library aide to support the program. The bilingual aide will provide support during instruction and additional help at the library for the CEC students as well as other non-English speaking individuals to use the library facilities. The CEC and library staffs are looking forward to an exciting year for this program. Individuals desiring to become part of the program as a student or volunteer should contact Mary Park at 830-833-4632 or the Blanco Library 830-833-4280.