Blanco Library

Wifi Printing Page

Printing at the Blanco Library:

You can print emails, documents, photos, boarding passes, web pages, and more at the Blanco Library.  Print directly from a library computer or use your smartphone, tablet, home computer, or laptop to send a mobile print request.

Black & White copies: $0.25/page
Color copies: $0.50/page
Payments: Cash or check only

There are three ways to send a mobile print request:

Print from our Mobile Print Website

  1. Select the following link:
  2. Select Black & White or Color
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Select the file or URL you wish to print.
  5. Click the next arrow.  
  6. Enter "optional" printing options.
  7. Click the green printer button to send the print request.  

Forward from your email account

Use your library's black and white ( or color ( mobile printing email address to print directly from your email account. Using this method sends a print request for the body of the email message and a separate print request for attachments.

Download the Mobile Print App!

To print from your smartphone or tablet, PrinterOn has an app. You can download an app using the links below.

Download iOS app.

Download Android app.