Blanco Library

Accessing and Downloading E-Books & E-Items

Accessing E-Books/E-Items from OverDrive

-Go to the Central Texas Digital Constoritum's website (

-To find the e-book, audiobook, video, music, etc that you want, enter the title, author, or subject into the search box*

Downloading Your E-Item

-On the left side of the screen is a section called "Getting Started," click on "Digital Help," then "My Help"
to find out what software you might need for your e-reading device**

-After you have found the item that you want and you put it in your cart, at check-out you will be asked to select your library
and to enter your card number which starts with the letter "P" followed by your four digit number.

Special Notes

* Not all items are available digitally as they are physically.
There are several reasons for this:
1) The publisher has not allowed the item to be available for purchase digitally
2) The item has not been bought for the digital collection yet

**With most devices other than Kindles, you have to download the OverDrive software to your personal computer
then hook up your device to your computer and transfer the e-file that way

With Kindles, when you check-out the e-item, it goes to your Amazon account 
and then you sync up your Kindle by activating its wireless capabilities function so it will automatically download. 

E-Material Access Through Libby

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