Blanco Library

Customer Conduct Policy


To make sure that everyone enjoys using the library, the following rules have been established and adopted by the Blanco Library.

The Library Director and authorized staff and volunteers are responsible for enforcing customer conduct in the library and on the library premises.  Anyone found to be interfering with another’s use and enjoyment of the library will be asked to stop the behavior or activity.  If the behavior continues, the staff will ask the individual to leave the library.  Failure to leave will result in staff or volunteers calling the police for assistance.

To provide an enjoyable library experience for everyone, no person shall:

  • Exhibit disruptive, uncontrolled behavior or exceed acceptable noise levels.
  • Verbally abuse library customers, staff or volunteers.
  • Harass customers, staff or volunteers, or attempt to engage customers or staff in unwanted discussion.
  • Enter the library without shirts or shoes.
  • To engage customers , staff or volunteers in unwanted discussion.
  • Use a skateboard, scooter or skate in the library or on library premises.
  • Present bodily hygiene that is distracting to customers or staff and volunteers to the point that it interferes with customers’ use of library resources or work.
  • Destroy or deface library resources or property or the personal property of customers or staff.
  • Steal library property.
  • Eat or drink in public areas, unless authorized by library personnel.
  • Place briefcases, book-bags, musical instruments, etc. where they block aisles or take up work space of customers or staff.
  • Smoke in any area of the library.
  • Talk on cell phones inside the library.