Blanco Library

Library Confidentiality


It is the policy of the Blanco Library that records of the library which identifies a person who requests, obtains or used library materials or services are confidential and are excepted from required disclosure under the Texas Open Records Act.


    1. The library decides that disclosure is reasonably necessary to the operations of the library and the records are not confidential under state or federal law.
    2. The records are released to the person to whom this information relates; or   the person to whom the information relates has given permission, in writing, for the information to be released.
    3. The records are under a valid court order or subpoena, as provided for under the provisions of the Texas Open Records Act.

 This policy is also based on an interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights

Examples of confidentiality violation are: 

  •         Lists sent to homeroom teachers naming the titles of students’ overdue books.
  •         First and last names of children at story times on posters, name tags, etc.
  •         Telephoning where others can hear when notifying patron that library material requested from ILL or put on reserve is available. Also, when notifying patron about material, titles may not be mentioned to any other person. This includes family members.
  •         Requests by family members for the names of books checked out by other family members.
  •         Requests by teachers for lists of the names of students who have checked out materials on reserves.
  •         Requests by administrators for the reading records of students or other library users.
  •         If non-computerized library systems, book cards which show the name of the last user of the book.