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Texas Book Festival Grant Reading Program

Welcome to the Blanco Library's Texas Book Festival Grant Reading Program!

Read 600 pages and win a prize!

Read 1,200 pages and be eligible to win the grand prize!

In 2020 the Blanco Library was awarded a Texas Book Festival Collections Enhancement Grant. We used this grant to add 144 titles to our Dewey-classified nonfiction and classics section. The Blanco Library invites you to read these books with us!

Program participants create their own user profiles, add completed titles, update total pages read, and may provide short reviews and ratings of the books they have read. Participants may view what other participants have posted about their reading.

When you register, please provide your contact information and be sure to answer the question about which prize (choose one) you would prefer, as this is how prizes will be awarded:

(1) a library-approved book of your choosing (approximately $20.00) to be bought for the Library's collection on your behalf (a nameplate in your honor included in the book), or

(2) a $20.00 gift certificate to a local restaurant, or

(3) a library-approved book for your own collection (approximately $20.00).

This reading program begins on January 20, 2021 and ends on March 31, 2021. To be eligible for a prize, readers must read at least 600 pages from the Texas Book Festival Grant’s 144 titles. To be eligible for the grand prize, readers must read at least 1,200 pages from the 144 titles. Participants are encouraged to provide informal, short reviews of the books they have read but are not required to do so to be eligible to win a prize. One qualifying reader will be selected at random for the grand prize (awarded in addition to the participant prize).

Note: To ensure that all participants start on equal footing in terms of reaching the stated reading goals, participants are to only list TBF grant books (and pages) that they read after the program starts on January 20. No TBF grant books/pages read prior to January 20 will count toward the individual’s program goals.

Note: All titles must be selected from the Texas Book Festival Grant Booklist: (

All titles are print copies and are located in the library on the shelves opposite the new arrivals. If you are unable to come into the library, you may reserve a book from this list and pick it up on the porch during designated porch-pickup times. See the library’s website for porch-pickup times (

Please email any questions you may have about this program to

Happy reading and thanks for your participation!

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