Blanco Library

First Friday Fellows

The First Friday Fellows meets the first Friday of each month at 11:30 am
in the Library's Large Conference Room

2022 Reading List
Date Book Author
January 7 Apocalypse Never, Why Environmental Alarmism Hurts Us All Michael Shellenberger
February 4 Nomadland Jessica Brude
March 4 Plagues Upon the Earth Kyle Harper
April 8 Zealot Reza Aslan
May 6 The Man Who Died Twice Richard Osman
June 4 Lessons From the Edge: A Memoir Marie Youvanovitch
July 1 American Dirt Jeanine Cummins

August 5

To Stop a Warlord

Shannon Sedgwick Davis

September 2

West with Giraffes

Lynda Ruthledge